Wanted: Kidney Transplant...seriously.

Connor OwingsThe Owings name is very distinguished among baseball people in the Palmetto State. Well, one of them needs your help and we at Junior Diamond Prospects are reaching out to the "baseball family" in South Carolina or anyone else who might visit our web site. Connor Owings played his high school baseball at Gilbert High School and is currently a sophomore infielder at Coastal Carolina and has entered Stage 4 (of 5) of kidney failure. Presently, he is in stable condition and in school playing baseball but his two kidneys are functioning at 20% and is in need of a transplant. His blood type is O+ but that blood type is not needed to donate. If interested in helping Connor, please contact his transplant coordinator by completing this form: MUSC Donor Info.

If you wish to help via the family, please contact his dad, John Owings, at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..