The "Mac-N-Seitz Way"

Mac-N-Seitz BaseballEvery baseball coach, at whatever level, strives to run his team or organization in a particular way. How their team carries themselves may mimic that model or it may not and the team's success will be determined to some degree on the relationship between the two. Mac-N-Seitz Baseball is a highly respected and successful program, founded by former Major Leaguers Mike Macfarlane and Kevin Seitzer, in the Kansas City area. Kevin Seitzer lived with Mike Matheny, current manager of the St. Louis Cardinals, during his rookie year in Milwaukee and the two have remained friends over the years. Matheny coached his kids and penned a letter to the parents on his team. Macfarlane and Seitzer adapted the letter as the "Mac-N-Seitz Way". Baseball and travel baseball needs a heavy dose of Matheny's model. This is an absolute MUST READ for both parents and coaches alike. It will be five minutes well spent. To view, click here.