Baseball Tip: How to Handle Nerves at the Plate

How to handle nerves at the platePositive Coaching Alliance is proud to share information on handling nerves at the plate from Craig Sigl, a contributing writer for Digital Academy and the #1 Mental Toughness Trainer for youth athletes.

Age and height differences are bound to pop up in youth baseball. A 10-year-old player may find him or herself standing at the plate, staring down a pitcher that is two years older than them and a good foot taller. There could be two outs in the last inning and they feel pressure to deliver a hit for their team. Several thoughts could be running through their mind, “What if I strike out” “What will the team think of me if I don’t get a hit?” Nerves are bound to creep up and can affect a player’s mental state when he or she is in the batter’s box.

To learn more about how to handle nerves at the plate and what coaches can do to help their players, follow the link here.