Back to the Future: Garrett Rast

The past on Junior Diamond Prospects...Garrett Rast made a name for himself over the years as a member of the Carolina Reds on our site.

garrett rast

Year What Junior Diamond Prospects had to say about Garrett Rast
2008 Rast has a beautiful swing and power to go with it. His 4 for 4 performance in the game seen today included a...for more, click here.
2008 In another stellar defensive play Garrett Rast, right fielder for the Reds, robbed Wayne Shaffer of a hit by rifling...for more, click here.
2008 Garrett Rast, Troy Rawls, and Preston Hudak - All three of these players are well-respected by their opponents and are seen more often than not...for more, click here.
2008 The second inning saw the Reds score four more on a grand slam homerun by Garrett Rast off...for more, click here.
2009 Rast is a big, strong kid who is already ready for the next level. He has an excellent arm and a powerful bat. He can hit the ball to...for more, click here.

JrDP - What do you think is the most exciting thing about playing baseball?

GR - The hype you get before a game. I have always enjoyed the adrenaline rush before a game...for more, click here.


Recently, Northwestern catcher Garrett Rast made a commitment to play baseball at Winthrop. (Posted 5/3/2014)

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