Back to the Future: Mason Streater

Trapped in the past on Junior Diamond Prospects...Mason Streater made a name for himself numerous times over the years as a member of the Wolves, Stars Sports Academy and SSA Team Impact on our site.

mason streater

Year What Junior Diamond Prospects had to say about Mason Streater
2008 Alternated with Gist at catcher and the shortstop position. Looked more at "home" with the tools on. Advanced catch and throw (2.31 pop) skills capable of...for more, click here.
2008 To start the game between Stars Sports Academy and the Carolina Classics, pitchers Mason Streater and Hayden Yownsquared off for their respective teams...for more, click here.
2008 Some our younger stars include Carson Durham, Jayden Durrah (age 9). Mason Streater, Elijah Henderson, Drew Evett, Justin Bledsoe...for more, click here.
2009 Streater may have a big red "S" under his jersey and it doesn't stand for his last name. Well, that may be a stretch but the potential is definitely there. Runs well, has a solid stick, and a...for more, click here.
2009 Peavey moved as far as second but was stranded there by Stars hurler Mason Streater. The Stars survived and advanced to the championship game with a one run victory...for more, click here.
2009 Streater is a very good two-way player. He looked very good in the field for the Stars at shortstop, making a few very difficult plays look easy during the two games. He is a big, tall shortstop; kind of a...for more, click here.
2009 2009 Diamond Gems...for more, click here.
2009 2009 Fall Stars-12U Player Rankings...for more, click here.
2010 Streater can be as good as anybody in this age group one minute and just so-so the next. Just needs to improve on his consistency. Must learn to harness his stuff and show...for more, click here.
2011 11U Flamethrowers (All-time)...for more, click here.

Back to the future: Recently, Byrnes HS sophomore SS Mason Streater made a commitment to play baseball at South Carolina. (Posted on on 8/29/2014)

University of South Carolina