Back to the Future: Blake Brady

Trapped in the past on Junior Diamond Prospects...Blake Brady made a name for himself several times over the years as a member of the Greenville Giants and the Simpsonville Longhorns on our site. 

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Year What Junior Diamond Prospects had to say about Blake Brady
2008  After a strikeout, Blake Brady hit a line drive down the right field line that kicked up the chalk and rolled into the corner. Both runs would score and Brady would...for more, click here. 
2008   Brady, who played up in age division this spring with the Greenville Giants, was behind the plate in game one against the Maniacs. Blocked his tail off...for more, click here.
2008 Blake Brady got things started for the Giants in the bottom of the third. His fly ball to right center fell just out of the reach of a diving Cub centerfielder. Brady never hesitated rounding first and...for more, click here.
2008 The Giants got only their second lead-off hitter of an inning on in the sixth when Livingston's fly ball fell in short centerfield. Blake Brady then walked to put runners on first and second. Tolbert...for more, click here.
2008 After a passed ball and another hit,Livingston scored when Blake Brady hit a sacrifice fly ball to right. The Giants tacked on one more run in that inning...for more, click here.
2009 Impressive young backstop with advanced catch and throw skills. Not afraid to throw behind runners. Good as you will see blocking balls in the dirt. Brady...for more, click here.
2009 Eric Mullinax struckout on a ball in the dirt but reached base safely when the ball got by Giant catcher Blake Brady with Templeton advancing...for more, click here.
2009 2009 Fall Stars-12U Player Rankings...for more, click here.
2010 Other notables: Adam Asbill (RHP/OF), Blake Brady (C)...for more, click here.


Back to the Future: This past fall, JL Mann HS junior catcher Blake Brady made a commitment to play baseball at Liberty University (VA). (Posted on on 10/20/2014)