Junior Spotlight: Dallas Callahan

James F. Byrnes has been one of the most consistent winners of all high school baseball programs in the state over the past several years. In fact, the Rebels have finished as the AAAA Upper State Champions for three consecutive years. Names like Gossett, Duggar, Cunningham and Rohlman have led these teams to some lofty accomplishments. And the pipeline has not run dry. Dallas Callahan currently plays in the 12U division for the Carolina Magic. What he does with a baseball bat can be described as truly "magical" and harmful to opposing pitchers. We had the opportunity for a Q and A with this talented young player recently and you'll get to know him as the Junior Diamond Spotlight returns. 


Name – Dallas James Callahan 

JrDP – Do you have a nickname or name your teammates call you? How did you get that name?

DC – My nicknames are “Big-D”, “D-man” and “D-Money”. That’s just what my coaches and my family call me. 

JrDP – How many years have you been playing baseball?

DC – 6 to 7 years 

JrDP – What position(s) do you play?

DC – I play catcher, pitcher, first base and outfield 

JrDP – Bat (right/left/switch), throw (right/left)

DC – I bat left and throw right 

JrDP – At this stage of your career, what would you consider to be the strongest part of your game?

DC – My hitting 

JrDP – In what phase of the game do you need the most work?

DC – Blocking/catching 

JrDP – Do you play any sports other than baseball?

DC – I play football for my school and snowboard for fun. 

JrDP – What do you think is the most exciting thing about playing baseball?

DC – When you hit a home run in the beginning of the inning to get your team pumped up and on a rally to win the game. 

JrDP – What has been your biggest achievement in baseball so far?

DC – To have been invited to the Elite 32 

JrDP – What is your favorite Major League baseball team?

DC – I don’t have a favorite team. I just like watching a good game and seeing the amazing plays. 

JrDP – Who is your favorite Major League player?

DC – Albert Pujols and Bryce Harper 

JrDP – What professional parks have you been to?

DC – The Greenville Drive 

JrDP – What college baseball parks have you been to?

DC – USC Upstate, Wofford, SMC, Furman, Coastal Carolina and The Citadel 

JrDP – Do you hope to play college baseball one day and if so, for whom?

DC – Yes and I would like to play for Florida State. 

JrDP – Do you have any relatives that played baseball in college or professionally? If so, who are they and where did they play? 

DC – My mom played college softball at the University of SC-Upstate. 

JrDP – Do you have any siblings that are currently playing? How old are they?

DC – No, I don’t have any siblings that are playing. 

JrDP – What do you like most about playing travel ball?

DC – Traveling to far away places to play baseball and getting to stay in hotels with the whole team and getting to go to the pool. 

JrDP – What team are you currently playing with?

DC – I am currently playing with the Carolina Magic. 

JrDP – Who are some of the better teams you have played against?

DC – East Cobb, Team Florida, Team Mizuno 

JrDP – Who are some of the better players you have played against or with?

DC – I have played with the UBC Venom. They have a lot of good players. 

JrDP – What is the best park/facility that you have ever played in?

DC – Tyger River Park in Spartanburg, SC. 

JrDP – What grade are you in now?  What school do you attend now?  What high school will you eventually attend? High school graduating class of?

DC – I am in sixth grade at Boiling Springs Middle School right now but I am moving at the end of the school year and I will go to James F. Byrnes High School- graduating class of 2018. 

JrDP – What subject do you enjoy the most in school?  The least?

DC – I like social studies and PE the most and I like math the least. 


JrDP – Who has been the greatest influence on you as a baseball player?

DC – Willie Phillips, my hitting coach 

JrDP – If you could participate in or attend any sporting event in the world, what would it be?

DC – I would go to the College World Series. 

JrDP – What do you like to do when you are not playing baseball?

DC – I like to play football and hang out with my friends. 

JrDP – Favorite video game?

DC – Modern Warfare 2 and 3 

JrDP – What is your favorite vacation spot?

DC – At the beach 

JrDP – What is your favorite traditional thing to do with your family members?

DC – At Christmas time we eat a big dinner and open presents together and I like when we go to the field and hit balls together. 

JrDP – Do you Facebook?  If so, who is your most interesting friend?

DC – Yes I do and my most interesting friend is Devin Toney. 

JrDP – What gadget can you not live without?

DC – My Playstation 3 And Ipod 

JrDP – What is your favorite TV show(s)?

DC – Johnny Test, NFL Countdown, Baseball Tonight 

JrDP – Favorite movie(s)?

DC – Avatar 


JrDP – Who are your favorite celebrities?

DC – Don’t have one 

JrDP – What is your favorite type music?  Favorite musician or group?

DC – Hip hop and R&B 

JrDP – Favorite food(s)?

DC – Wood grilled  ribeye from Outback 

JrDP – Favorite breakfast item(s)?

DC – Eggs, jelly toast, and oatmeal 

JrDP – Least favorite food(s)?

DC – Brussel sprouts 

JrDP – Tell us something about yourself that most people don’t know.

DC – I have a sister that was premature and died 100 hours after birth.

JrDP – Give a younger baseball player who is reading this article one piece of advice. 

DC – To always give your best effort and keep trying no matter how hard it is. And always keep a good attitude so that when you make a bad play or a strike out, you don’t carry it to the next play. 

Hitting baseballs on Christmas Day tells us a lot about your dedication to the game. You have a promising future playing this game. Keep up that kind of work ethic and thank you for sharing with us today.