Junior Diamond Prospects Evaluation Clinic II

By: Austin Alexander-December 6-7, 2008


jrdp-clinickids.jpgJunior Diamond Prospects' Evaluation Clinic II saw a little bit of fog, some sunshine, frost on the infield and more wind than we would have liked...but no rain, hence an outstanding weekend filled with loads of instruction and plenty of talent to match!


Our design of this event is to push as much fundamental information toward the coaches, parents and players that attend. Another segment of the weekend is for players to be evaluated in an array of drills so we can provide feedback to the players and parents, as well as give them an idea of how they may compare to other future stars statewide.


p10100791.jpgThose in attendance at one of our two sites were privy to top-notch baseball info for four hours and also performed under the keen eye of the JrDP staff, making our Saturday in the Midlands and Sunday in the Upstate a well-worthwhile way to spend a December day!


tollesons-head08.jpgEach player received enough swings to get blisters, compelling instruction from a Major Leaguer (Jeff Ridgway, above) and on Sunday at Boiling Springs, local hero Steven Tolleson (right) stopped in to chat following his recent return from the Arizona Fall League. Our staff was comprised of either college coaches or professional players and they worked tirelessly to ensure that those rotating through their stations left with something important to remember.


jrdp-clicicbp.jpgOn the evaluation field, JrDP was able to see our share of well-struck balls, speed, hustle and prospects of tomorrow.


Stay tuned to JrDP as we provide our subscribers with running times, velocity readings, pop times for catchers, MPH's from the outfield; we will also weigh in on who fared best fielding groundballs, swinging the bat and in the bullpen. We will cover it from A to Z and offer you the feedback that you may be searching for!

Clinic Superlatives

Overall rankings - Grades 3-4

Overall rankings - Grade 5

Overall rankings - Grade 6

Overall rankings - Grade 7

Overall rankings - Grade 8  

50 times - Grade 3

50 times - Grade 4

50 times - Grade 5

60 times - Grade 6

60 times - Grade 7

60 times - Grade 8

Pop times - Grades 3-5

Pop times - Grades 6-8

Peak mound velocity - Grade 3

Peak mound velocity - Grade 4

Peak mound velocity - Grade 5 

Peak mound velocity - Grade 6

Peak mound velocity - Grade 7

Peak mound velocity - Grade 8 

OF arm strength - Grade 3

OF arm strength - Grade 4

OF arm strength - Grade 5

OF arm strength - Grade 6

OF arm strength - Grade 7

OF arm strength - Grade 8 


JrDP Note: We'd like to sincerely thank Blythewood High School and Boiling Springs High School, their coaches, parents and players for being gracious hosts during the weekend. We were fortunate to utilize the facilities of these highly-successful programs and are very appreciative of their hospitality. We'd also like to extend our thanks to Gloveslingers, Chad Amidon, Brad Chalk, Andy D'Alessio, Doug Hogan, Jeremy Joye, Grant Rembert, Jeff RidgwayAustin Smithwick, Steven Tolleson, Tim Wallace, Matt Williams and Connor Edwards for the roles they played in making this such a successful event.