2014 School Dayz

Baseball field under the lights 2Attention 7th and 8th grade baseball players: Did you make the junior varsity or varsity squad of a South Carolina high school? If so, we'd like to hear about it! Send us a message on Facebook (search Junior Diamond Prospects if not a friend) or send an email to Richard Edwards at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and tell us the good news. Please include the grade you are in, the school you attend now, the name of the high school you will attend and your primary playing position(s). We'll be compiling a comprehensive list of those players and updating it as names come in to us.

Byrnes High Team School grade Pos.
Dallas Callahan Varsity 8th grade C


Chester High Team School grade Pos.
Cole Brunet JV 7th grade LHP/1B
Cody Carter JV 8th grade OF
J.D. Carter JV 8th grade OF
Jordan Feaster JV 7th grade OF
Anthony Foster JV 8th grade 1B/3B
Javy Gonzales JV 8th grade OF/2B
Cody Hartis JV 7th grade P/1B
Trent Johnson JV 8th grade IF
Desmond Kelly JV 8th grade OF
Anthony McCullough JV 8th grade OF/LHP
Zy McCullough JV 8th grade IF
Tyson McKenzie JV 8th grade 1B
Jordan Price JV 7th grade C/3B
McCormick Shell JV 8th grade P/OF
Dantrell Simmons JV 7th grade OF
Jacob Stroud JV 7th grade 3B/P/C/OF
Wyatt Tunall JV 7th grade 1B/LHP
Tyren Turner JV 7th grade MIF
Danny Vess JV 8th grade OF
Unterio White JV 7th grade OF


Dutch Fork High Team School grade Pos.
Clayton Darby B 7th grade 2B


Gaffney High Team School grade Pos.
Landon Queen JV 8th grade OF


Goose Creek High Team School grade Pos.
Jake Chapman JV 8th grade IF/P
Dillon Clifton JV 8th grade C
Matt Coates JV 8th grade IF
Ethan Crowe JV 8th grade IF/P
Riggs Howard JV 7th grade C/IF
Walker Howard JV 7th grade P/OF
Mason Shirley JV 7th grade IF/OF/P


Lexington High Team School grade Pos.
Jared Kirven Varsity 8th grade C
Bailey White B 8th grade C


Mid Carolina High Team School grade Pos.
Bryce Medlock C 7th grade SS/C


Myrtle Beach High Team School grade Pos.
Luke Edwards JV 8th grade SS/P/OF


Powdersville High Team School grade Pos.
Gavin Agin JV 8th grade OF/P
Keith Becknell Varsity 8th grade IF/OF/P
Royce Carroll JV 7th grade OF/P
Maddie Golden JV 8th grade C
Bobby Olsen JV 7th grade IF/P
Marreo Parks JV 7th grade OF
Connor Powers JV 8th grade IF/P
Jake Richeson JV 7th grade OF
Avery Smith JV 7th grade IF
Brent Williams JV 8th grade C/OF


Socastee High Team School grade Pos.
Wesley Lane JV 8th grade P/SS/OF


Summerville High Team School grade Pos.
A.C. Heaton JV/B 7th grade LHP/OF/1B



Wando High Team School grade Pos.
Ethan Fewell JV 7th grade 3B/MIF
Sam Hill JV 8th grade 1B/P
Tyler Jones JV 8th grade MIF
Allen Knepper JV 8th grade C/3B
John Vardzel JV 8th grade OF/MIF
Davis Wilber JV 8th grade C/SS


Westminster Catawba Christian Team School grade Pos.
Carson Rowland Varsity 7th grade 1B