Back to the Future: Jake Swartz

Trapped in the past on Junior Diamond Prospects...Jake Swartz made a name for himself on our site as a member of the Greenville Joes, the Upstate Mavericks and the UBC Venom.

Jake Swartz 6

Year What Junior DIamond Prospects had to say about Jake Swartz
2010 Jake Swartz, C - On a day where there were a lot of hits and a lot of runs scored, Swartz had a couple of ringing hits to aid his team's cause. His double in the first was well stroked and didn't miss much of leaving the yard. Lefty swinger followed that up later with a single that shot through the left side of the infield on a two strike pitch. Quick hands and...for more, click here.
2011 The Stars started a mild rally in the sixth inning with a RBI single by Caleb Blackwood, but Joes closer Jake Swartz got out of the inning unharmed to end the game...for more, click here.
2011 Our next featured player in the Junior Diamond Spotlight is certainly no ordinary Joe. Jake Swartz has been a big part of the 12U Greenville Joes highly successful run in state and regional competition, both offensively and defensively. We caught up with the Beck Middle Schooler recently for a JrDP...for more, click here.
2011 Jake Swartz, C - The Upstate Mavericks have been one of the more successful travel programs for high school age kids. Now they are branching out into the younger age divisions. If they can attract players like Jake Swartz, their road to success at any of the younger age groups becomes much shorter. Swartz is by far the most talented player on the current Mavs 12U roster and a good player to...for more, click here.
2011 Jake Swartz singled off the shortstop's glove to start the second, moved to second on a ground out, and then to third on a passed ball. He stayed there when...for more, click here.
2012 Jake Swartz, C/SS - The Mavericks position Swartz at shortstop. Not that it is his "best" position, they just don't have enough "Jake Swartz's" to put everywhere. If they did, they would be a much better team. We like Swartz behind...for more, click here.
2012 Starter Josh Leckie issued a walk to Jake Swartz to start the inning. Swartz stole second and stayed there as Leckie got the first out. He moved over to third on a...for more, click here.
2012 Jake Swartz, C - Getting Meredith and Cox in the off-season was a plus for the Venom. Recently adding Jake Swartz to the roster is icing on the cake cialis pas cher en france. We truly believe he will flourish in this environment. Seasoned backstop who can do a decent job at other positions too. But behind the plate looks like...for more, click here.
2012 A walk to Charlie Schaum followed and trouble was brewing again for Ridlehoover and his teammates. Jake Swartz drove in a run with a ground ball to second...for more, click here.
2012 Jake Swartz, C/OF – Focused backstop whose catch and throw skills put him way up the talent list. Moved well in the crouch and is focused performing his craft. Throwing mechanics and arm strength have improved by leaps and bounds since the first time we saw Swartz. Medium frame. Capable of playing...for more, click here.
2012 Jake Swartz, OF/C – Swartz is one of those players you want on your team when you go to war. Competes his fanny off. He was put in right today, not his natural position. But Swartz was busting it, diving for balls hit in front of and behind...for more, click here.
2012 A single on the ground to right field by Jake Swartz put runners at first and second. After Tanner McCallister struckout for the second out, Kelly drew a walk to...for more, click here.
2012 Jake Swartz, OF - If I were starting a team, I would want Jake Swartz (pictured right) on my team. One thing for sure, I wouldn't want to be competing against him. An overachiever and as long as he does that, the game will be good to him. With his team down 2-0 in the late innings he blasted...for more, click here.
2013 Down to their final two at bats, the Roar got a long double from Swartz to start the bottom of the sixth. Forman singled on the ground to centerfield moving Swartz to third. When the ball got away from the Rappe in center, Swartz came home to cut the Canes' lead to 2-1...for more, click here.


Back to the future...On Saturday, West Florence HS 2018 OF Jake Swartz made a commitment to play baseball at Duke University. (Posted on on August 8, 2016)